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Drugs, Side-Effects, and ‘Fourth Walls’

I’m going to have to admit some embarrassing things about myself here. Please pay no attention to the open wounds and loss of precious bodily fluids – The Author has it under control. (He thinks……)

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“And Now For Something Completely Different….”

After a long radio silence, my blog is about to both restart in earnest and take a serious turn to the weird and personal. (Even more than before, hahaha) The reasons for this will become apparent shortly…. Hold on to … Continue reading

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Veterans’ Day 2016

It’s a raw, windy, gray day here in Northwestern Ohio.  I was hanging laundry out, and the dampness of the clothes instantly chilled my fingers numb.  Which matched the numbness of my heart as I contemplated the last week’s events. So … Continue reading

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A SWRv in my life’s path: Intro

Part 1 – Part 2 – Part 3 – Part 4 – Part 5 – Part 6 – Part 7 What did I want? I wanted a Roc’s egg…. I wanted to get up feeling brisk and go out and … Continue reading

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Dinner: Duck bacon, spaetzle, wilted kale and leeks

So, I brag about being a pretty good cook.  Here’s an example – you judge. We had visited my brother and sister-in-law just north of Cincinnati Ohio last weekend, and as part of the outing went to Jungle Jim’s – … Continue reading

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Fighting Back

Today I am participating in “The Day We Fight Back“.  Maybe all of three people will see it here.  That’s fine; I didn’t do it because I thought I would drive gazillions of eyeballs to their site from mine, nor … Continue reading

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Science Fiction Will Save the World

Let me tell you a little story. Nearly seventy years ago, two erstwhile allies, at the end of a planet-spanning war, found themselves bitter rivals, and entered into a struggle to see which could develop the military and economic means … Continue reading

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Please Pardon Our Dust….

  While things are still under construction, here’s a de rigueur cat picture –  

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