The Gift and The Box

I kinda got into a pissing match with my brother over on FB. I regret that tremendously.

Our issue, at least from my perspective, is that the what I wanted to say got all entangled in the how I said it. The ‘what’ was the truth in my heart; the ‘how’ was the part I botched so badly.

I think he and I will be able to resolve our conflict. (I’ve tried reaching out to him; Waiting Is). And what I am going to have to be painstaking about, when we speak again, is to carefully separate the Gift (the what I want to say) and the Box I deliver it in (the how I say it – my tone, my choice of words, my body language if we communicate with a tool that gives video, or if we manage to get into the same physical space).

Make sure the box doesn’t detract from the gift. And make sure the gift is worthy of the box you put it in.

Edited to Add: – I was finally was able to talk with my brother over the phone this afternoon. He isn’t hurt or mad, and we agree that I didn’t put as much care into the Box as to the Gift I was trying to give him. All good – and more fuel in my fire to get better.

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