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“Let’s Do The Time Warp Again!”

This is a testing attempt to back-date a post, or, failing an alteration of the actual posting date, at least posting it out-of-sequence so that it appears chrono-typographically in the place where you want it (in the ordering of all … Continue reading

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‘That Wascally Wabbit’

Well, this hasn’t turned out as well as I hoped… I mentioned that I succumbed to the temptation to follow the White Rabbit down the hole, and re-created my blog (for the third try) using a hand-rolled WordPress instance.  I … Continue reading

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Please Pardon Our Dust….

  While things are still under construction, here’s a de rigueur cat picture –  

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Third Time’s The Charm

I saw a white rabbit in a finely tailored waistcoat yesterday, jumping down a hole.  I looked in, took a deep breath, and jumped after him…. This is the third instance of my blog.  I had started about five years … Continue reading

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