Third Time’s The Charm

I saw a white rabbit in a finely tailored waistcoat yesterday, jumping down a hole.  I looked in, took a deep breath, and jumped after him….

This is the third instance of my blog.  I had started about five years ago, thinking I was going to document the restarting of my career as a software engineer.  That petered out after a couple of months.  Then, about a year and a half ago, I started to blog again, now talking about my attempts to retool myself as a science-fiction author.

I had been doing better there.  But my hosting company (1 and 1 Hosting) kept trying to be “helpful”; within two months, I had to change themes to keep it looking even half-way tolerable.  And last February, they quit using their old blogging engine and went to their new “Click ‘n Build” blog builder.  Which uses WordPress on the inside, but they’ve neutered it, and one of the things that got cut out was the ability to change the theme at all.  And somewhere along the line they clobbered the character encoding, so that if you go look at that second blog now, there are a whole lot of spurious Â characters, and other junque.

Now, about six months ago I found out that my hosting package included command-line access to the underlying Debian Linux box.  And I have pretensions of being a sysadmin and (arguably obsolete) hacker.  SO-oh, I sez to meself, I could just put up my own WordPress instance.  (This is where I started seeing the rabbit.)

I knew that I could spend forever trying to get it all right.  But I was dissatisfied with what I had, and I just knew I could do better.  So I jumped.

Here we are.  Please bear with me as I adjust all the knobs and press the right buttons.  Until (and unless) I say differently, assume that the Editorial Policy and ‘Rules of the Road’ (as well as the attribution / sharing / copyright policy) are just the same as in blog #2.


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