Veterans’ Day 2016

It’s a raw, windy, gray day here in Northwestern Ohio.  I was hanging laundry out, and the dampness of the clothes instantly chilled my fingers numb.  Which matched the numbness of my heart as I contemplated the last week’s events.

So much hate.  So much fear.  The presidential election didn’t go the way I wanted it to, because it couldn’t have – I didn’t want either major candidate to win.  But I will abide by the results, and strive to make this country work the best it can in spite of those results.

But the hate and fear emanating from the losers.  And the hate and bigotry from some that we must suppose consider themselves “the winners”.  The open calls for armed revolution, even from those (my own brother!) who have spent their entire lives selflessly serving others, regardless of color, creed, gender, or any of those tiniest of issues that divide our common humanity.

Which causes me to reflect more on how I can promote joy, and love, and light through my service.  Everyone hear me now – I stand against all hate.  Consider me “safety pinned”, or “White Rosed”, or just an ordinary man who will not allow hate into his life.  This means hate expressed to individuals, to whole groups (of whatever kind) tarred with the widest of brushes – this means hate of my nation (for all its noble aspects and its flaws), threatened to be torn apart by intolerants of every stripe, or by international jackals waiting to catch us wounded and vulnerable.

I remain at Condition Yellow, both tactically in my day-to-day affairs, and strategically for the future of my nation. But I will not succumb to fear and hate.  I will not let the darkness overcome the light.

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