Walk The Walk

Here’s a not-fully-expected consequence  —

When I posted my last bit about contributing to the support of the Internet, I was contacted by the Director of the Internet Civil Engineering Institute.  She asked me if I would like to volunteer to be their “Education-Outreach-Training Coordinator”.  I gave it a couple of days serious thought, and emailed her back saying I would take it on.

I’m now going to be responsible for officially promoting the activities of the Institute, fielding questions and concerns raised in email and social media, blogging on their behalf, and (of course) helping with fund raising.  I think it’s the only time I’ve ever been asked to put my mouth where my money is.  🙂

But more importantly, it give me a bit more insight into the work of my late father.  For years he wrote copy for advertising, and I (as a callow youth) would harass him about it – “Why do you have to keep beating the drum for <product XYZ>?  If it’s good, people will recognize it, and buy it!”  But now I realize it’s not nearly that simple.  The marketplace is crowded, the din of others hawking their wares is incessant, and the appeal of any particular item gets lost.  Good, effective promotion is that which focuses the attention of someone who could benefit from your product or idea, makes them appreciate that they need those benefits, and motivates them to act – to buy, to contribute, to further promote.


Let’s see if I can be that good, effective promoter.  It’s time to Walk The Walk.

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4 Responses to Walk The Walk

  1. Brian J. Kratzer says:

    Congratulations John!

  2. Michelle says:

    How cool! I am sure you picked up some tips and tricks from your dad. I know you can do the writing!

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